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Membership Invitation

The doctors at Advanced Dentistry of Philadelphia are pleased to invite you to become a member of our personalized Dental benefits plan. For a cost of $299 per year for the individual and $199 for each additional family member, you will receive the following.

  • 2 Dental Exams
  • 2 Regular Cleanings
  • 2 Velscope Oral Cancer Screenings
  • 2 Fluoride Treatments
  • Required Check-Up X-rays
  • Up to 20% discount on most dental procedures and Emergency/Oral Exams that you may require (Cosmetic Services, current promotions and Invisalign Not Included)


  • We urge you to keep any HMO or managed care medical insurance you now have. You may need it for medical/hospital expenses, pharmacy expenses, etc you may need it for other medical expenses.
  • Membership plan is only valid for this office. You may want to keep any other dental insurance you have in case you move outside of this office location, if you require a dental specialist.
  • Out office does accept most major insurances. However,our customized membership plan will provide you with the quality dentistry you deserve.
  • This membership invitations is exclusive to all out patients so we encourage you to take advantage of this special opportunity. We are currently welcoming new patients, if you know of a friend of family member who would benefit from this offer.


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